Join us by participating in the NHGOP’s RedDialer program. You have the power to put NH in the RED column this November!

Here is your chance to help President Trump get elected by putting the state of NH in the red column this November. The NHGOP has established a RedDialer program that you can participate at home with, using your smart phone or PC. You can schedule your own time on the application and make one call or several, all at at your leisure. You will be calling receptive folks in New Hampshire about the November election and President Trump. All calls are scripted and the caller ID is from the RNC, (your phone number WILL NOT be displayed to the recipient of your call). Most calls last under 45 seconds. There is an online training session that lasts approximately 45 minutes. ANYONE can do this! Our president needs your help & support in these trying days. To participate, send your name & contact information to: have the power to help make a HUUUGE difference. President Tump thanks you!