Jim Belanger-(R) NH State Rep. from Hollis-District 27 resigns due to health reasons.

Message to Hollis Residents, voters and constituents,

I have served all the residents of Hollis to the best of my ability for (9) years as your State Representative to Concord. Not only have I represented you at the State level but also as a member of the Hillsborough County delegation and executive committee. I appreciate your support, regardless of your party, in elections. I have no regrets and would certainly do it again for you. However, about two months ago I suffered a setback in my health which, according to my doctor, was caused by stress and over-work and resulted in a cerebral stroke. I have recovered better from this than most but the possibility of a recurrence is necessitating a change in my activities. If I were to continue to the end of my term, I would be neglecting very crucial and important aspects of the position I am sworn to provide. I cannot do that to you! I am announcing to you, my constituents, before I make a formal announcement, to the State Legislature, that I will be tending my resignation as your representative a year earlier than my fifth (5) term. This will result in a special election to fill my seat and I wanted you to know about that before it came as a surprise without notice.

Jim Belanger
Hollis, NH

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