The Hollis Republican Town Committee is a grass-roots organization with a mission to foster Republican values in the community. Chartered through the New Hampshire Republican State Committee and the Republican National Committee, the Hollis Republican Town Committee was founded by Hollis citizens who believe that all Republicans are united by their belief in God, individual liberty, personal responsibility, lower taxes, limited goverment spending, compassion for the needy, and the right of every citizen to be able to protect their property and family without government infringement. 

The Hollis Republican Town Committee strives to: 

  • Promote communication, friendship and fellowship between people who associate themselves with Republican principles.
  • Support Republican candidates who are seeking local, state or federal office.
  • Advocate for Republican values on the issues of the day, especially those that directly affect our families, friends and neighbors.
  • Encourage citizens of Hollis to vote.

We believe in preserving the finest traditions of the Republican Party. The HRTC frequently hosts guest speakers at meetings and events to discuss timely issues that impact our community.

Please join us and become a valued member of our committee!